In this comic, a lot of characters appear. Here's the most important ones, with a small description.

The main protagonist. He is a very special person (not in a good way). He always says what he thinks, is a religious person, childish and egocentrical, what happens to be a explosive mixture.

Author's Note: He is named after a very popular character of my favorite book, both of them have strange relationships with their mothers and a unique way to think, but that's the only things in common

FAMILY -------------------------------

Mother of Ignatius, She can be very naive concerning Ignatius affairs. Also she is very protective to him.
Ignatius' sister, the relationship between them is tense and arguments are not inusual.
She's younger than Ignatius, so he is very protective to her, to ensure she doesn't have more fun than him. She appears to follow a strict code of dressing, but in Candy there are more things that meet the eye.
Ignatius ex-girlfriend. Since her engagement with Ignatius, she has developed a liking for strong alcohol, although this hobby may be previous. She is very snob too.
She always manages to get what she wants, especially from men.

FRIENDS -------------------------------

A fellow student, cursing the same career, Ignatius respects his opinion for unknown reasons. He likes pulling Ignatius' leg but he's a good friend. His current interest is having a girlfriend in every city.
Another fellow student, Daniel is secretly in love with Candy, (I mean non secretly), despite his efforts he's not succesful. However he's a good friend to Ignatius and the others.
Sister of Dimas and the same age as Candy , the relationship between them is very cold. Sarcastic sometimes, she likes to offer her point of view and she hates when people don't pay attention to her words, that happen always when she's with Ignatius or his family.
Little is known about him, he addresses himself as a leader of a organization that has an special interest in Ignatius and a prophecy, but he's going to have several headaches, I assure you.
Mrs. Appleship
Follower of Martorin and self assumed protector of Ignatius, she has a lot of free time to waste and likes to talk with her cat. As any old person, she likes to remember the past and argue to young people.

CHORUSCELL -------------------------------

The Chief
The man (or woman) in the shadows, the president of Choruscell, Who is this person? What are his/her purposes? Would you read the comic if I tell you now?.
Since an accident, he was rebuilt and now he's a cyborg. He implements broadcast and every global message begins with "Cue". Many of his main circuits have severe malfunctioning so he may be very sincere and incoherent.
Dr Uncle-Paco
A doctor with a degree in Maths and reputed expert ( Opinions are two : his opinion and the rest of the expert's opinion).
He's always willing to give his point of view ( that always begin with "No"). He's believed to be working both in the city's university and in Choruscell.
The strong arm of the enterprise, Dumdum is the typical strong but innocent guy. Interested only in fitness, his job is a manner of paying the bills of the gym.

REST OF THE CAST -------------------------------

Sam's brother
Neighbour of Ignatius, He will never recover from his first encounter
with Ignatius, that changes him completely.
Is it a good change? What is his name?. These are questions that can't be answered now.
Doctor Twentyhard
A very special doctor, Despite he's not very popular he's believed to be the best doctor in the hospital ( well at least he believes that). He tends to take medicines based on the E-Mails he receives and he's very fond of it.

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