About the comic

The comic tells the story of Ignatius, a regular student who lives in a small coast city with his family at the beginning of the story.
His life has been shared with his girlfriend Carmen, his family and friends, but usually gifted people is not destined to live an ordinary live, so Ignatius' personality leads him to an incident that changes all.

Ignatius's father is a salesman, who hasn't returned home for more than ten years, Ignatius firmly believes that he's been kidnapped by the government, because he knows too much. The rest of the world says that his father is living two block of flats away but Ignatius won't allow reality to spoil a good theory.

Ignatius has lived all his live surrounded by women, but unfortunately this women were his sister and old women.
After the incident, Ignatius' physical appearance changes, many strange people is interested in him, involving prophecies, nonsense, cynical cats and an evil company named Choruscell
Will he be able to find true love? Will he revert to his original form? Are the rumors relating to a chosen one true?

All resemble between any reality and this comic is in your mind (in your dirty mind).

About the author

I wonder, what could anybody want to know about me?.

First of all, English is not my mother tonge, probably at some point I'll translate the comic to it, but one of the purposes of this comic is to practice my skills, both language and drawing.
Probably this will lead to some obscure meaning, a lot of mistakes and unintencional humor, but nobody said that it was going to be easy!.
If you like to point them out, feel free to do it.
As for personal data of interest, My friends call me Ana, my favorite color is red, I love playing basketball (that leads to injuries in knees and fingers) and travelling.
I also have a very strange sense of humor. Nobody is perfect.
I started this comic when I was a student, but now I'm a full worker, so sometimes personal life implies some unexpected hiatuses that I try to avoid. However I always return with new inspiration or/and crazy ideas.

Well, if you have any question, don't hesitate to send me an e-mail.

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