Here are fanart for me, fanart I've made und miscellaneous.


Sustitute class imago

A interchange of art between the autor of Sustitute Class Imago and me (of course).  

It's a really cool image and the face of Ignatius is priceless. I think It resumes most of  Ignatius motivations.

The B comicA secret santa  gift from the talented creator of The B-Movie comic.
I love this image, specially the corset. Ignatius  wishes (and deserves) to be this sexy!


school spirit

 A guest comic strip for School Spirit.

This strip made me remember my days at school, where all was a posible toy.

war of winds
A panel  for War of the winds
This was the first serious drawing I made with my new tablet. I really like trying to draw Ravar, he's a cool character.
susitute class imagoGuest art for Sustitute Class Imago
Maverick is my favorite character.  An attempt to play with the darkness.
InverlochArt for the Inverloch competition.
Sadly there where a lot of cool entries, this never see the light
arcadiaArt for Circle Arcadia
The three main character, It was very fun to draw.
DuchessArt for Duchess Mew
 I really miss Duchess Mew, her personality  is not as sweet as it seems here.
LintArt for Lint  Competition
I didn't win, many great entries, but It was fun to draw Xylic, one of my favorite characters.
Jesslyn StormheartArt for Jesslynn Stormheart.
She is suposed to be in her train clothes at the coloseum
Once upon a starArt for Once upon a Star
This comic has been in a long hiatus without explanation. I hope someday It will return. The kraken is my favorite character.
starlitGuest comic for starlit nights
Andeal is sure surrounded by mistery.
picatrixArt for Picatrix Competition
My first piece of fanart. The pose is cool but I was never satisfied with the face.


From time to time, this draw will appear in the comicgenesis site
fillerA filler, done with mouse, a  vile excuse for not updating the comic
 All reunited to celebrate Christmas. Aren't they cute?

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